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HVAC & Industrial air filters

HVAC | Industrial Air 

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HVAC & Industrial air filters

Action Filtration provides affordable, American made HVAC and Industrial Air Filters

Hvac Pleated air filters

Pleated HVAC panel filters products are designed to fit most industrial and commercial applications with little or no system modification.


  • MERV Ratings from 3-15
  • Available in nominal 1″, 2″, and 4″ depths
  • 50 standard size offerings
HEPA Filters

HEPA filters provide the nearly contaminant-free air required in many medical, pharmaceutical, and clean room applications. DOP-tested efficiency ratings as high as 99.999% on .3 micron size particles, HEPA offers the highest level of air filtration available.


  • Standard & High Capacity Level
  • Multiple Frame Components Available
  • Standard and Custom Sizes Available
Pocket bag air filters

Pocket air filters are often installed in HVAC systems in auto shops, data centers, food and beverage plants, industrial sites, and schools to trap contaminants in the air stream and boost indoor air quality.

  • MERV Ratings from 8-16
  • Multiple Pocket Configurations
  • Standard and Custom Sizes Available
Permanent Metal Mesh Filters

Permanent washable filters are constructed with rugged components designed to offer excellent filtration performance in HVAC systems, grease hoods, or any applications where a permanent, cleanable air filter is required.


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles
  • MERV ratings from 1-8
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